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Table of contents

  1. The art of making shawarma: an introduction
  2. Choosing the right meat: quality standards and halal certification
  3. The importance of the meat marinade: Shami marinade and its secrets
  4. From marinating to grilling: The process of shawarma preparation
  5. The role of the spit: traditional techniques and craftsmanship
  6. Precision cutting: the art of cutting shawarma
  7. Variety on offer: from chicken shawarma to lamb shawarma
  8. Quality assurance at Basha Food: Our commitment to excellence

1. the art of shawarma making: an introduction

The art of making shawarma is an ancient tradition that originated in the Middle East and is now very popular all over the world. Shawarma is a delicious dish consisting of thinly sliced meat, usually chicken, lamb or beef, served in a soft flatbread roll. This introduction is dedicated to the fascinating art of shawarma making and provides a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of this traditional dish. Not only the origin and ingredients are covered here, but also the marinating process, grilling and cutting shawarma. In addition, numerous tips and tricks are given for the perfect preparation and ready-to-serve presentation of shawarma. Anyone who loves shawarma or is interested in the diverse and rich world of culinary traditions will find valuable, detailed and comprehensive information in this extensive section. With this knowledge, anyone can master the art of making shawarma and treat themselves and their guests to a delicious and authentic dish.

2. choosing the right meat: quality standards and halal certification

When making shawarma, choosing the right meat is very important. To ensure the quality and safety of our products, we adhere to strict quality standards. Our meat suppliers must comply with high hygiene standards and keep the animals in a species-appropriate manner. In addition to the general quality requirements, our meat also meets halal certification. In addition to the general quality requirements, our meat also meets halal certification. We also attach great importance to the careful selection of spices. Our trained chefs use only the best spices to ensure the authentic taste of shawarma. Each of our spice blends is carefully composed to achieve the perfect balance of flavor and spice. We only use high-quality herbs, spices and spice blends that meet the high standards of our products. In addition to the choice of meat and spices, preparation is also crucial. Our shawarma masters have years of experience and know exactly how to marinate and grill the meat properly to bring out the full flavor.

3. the importance of the meat marinade: Shami marinade and its secrets

The meat marinade plays a crucial role in the production of shawarma. The Shami marinade in particular has its secrets. Among other things, it consists of a mixture of spices such as cumin, coriander, cinnamon and pepper, which give the meat an intense flavor. Garlic and lemon are also added to give the meat a fresh and sour note. The meat is marinated in the marinade for several hours or even overnight to allow the flavor to penetrate deep into the meat. The Shami marinade ensures tender and juicy meat, which later develops a delicious aroma when grilled. It is important that the meat is drained well before grilling so that it does not lose too much liquid. You can also adapt the Shami marinade as you wish, for example by adding other spices or changing the proportions. Some people like it a little spicier and add chili, while others prefer a milder taste and use fewer spices. A tip for a delicious shawarma is to brush the meat with olive oil before grilling to get a crispy and flavorful crust. Served with fresh flatbread, salad and a delicious yogurt sauce, shawarma is the perfect dish for a relaxed dinner with friends or family.

5 The role of the spit: traditional techniques and craftsmanship

The spit plays an extremely important and indispensable role in the production of delicious shawarma. The traditional method involves using a large skewer made of high-quality metal, on which the leanest and juiciest meat is skewered. As soon as the meat is skewered in a vertical position, it is continuously turned over the blazing fire. This ingenious technique ensures that the meat is cooked absolutely evenly, as it is always exposed to the pleasant heat from all sides. As for the result, it is absolutely breathtaking. The continuous turning of the meat allows the excess fat to be gently pressed out of the meat and drip off, resulting in a shawarma that is both juicy and crispy. The artisan skill lies in turning the spit at the optimum speed and height to ensure that every piece of meat - from the outside to the core - is cooked in perfect harmony and develops a beautiful golden-brown crust. This traditional technique is essential for the authentic taste that a shawarma must have. This is a centuries-old method that makes it possible to perfectly capture the delicate texture and rich flavor of each shawarma.

7. precision in the cut: the art of cutting shawarma

Cutting shawarma is an art that requires precision. The first step is to remove the grilled meat from the spit. It is important to cut the meat evenly and thinly to achieve a tender texture and optimum flavor distribution. The cutting technique varies depending on the type of shawarma. For chicken shawarma, the meat is cut into thin slices, while thin strips are preferred for lamb shawarma. It is important to keep the knife sharp in order to achieve clean and precise cuts.

8th variety on offer: from chicken shawarma to lamb shawarma

Shawarma is known for its variety and offers a wide selection of meats. Chicken shawarma is a popular variant that is often chosen because the tender, juicy chicken meat harmonizes perfectly with the spices and flavours of the shawarma marinade. However, there are also other options that can delight the palate. For example, lamb shawarma offers a slightly stronger, spicy note and is ideal for those who like more intense flavors. For those looking for alternatives to meat, there are also vegetarian and vegan shawarma variants prepared with vegetables or plant-based proteins.

9. quality assurance at Basha Food: our commitment to excellence

At Basha Food, it is important to us that every shoarma skewer you enjoy with us is perfectly prepared and of exceptional quality. Our commitment to excellence is also reflected in the thorough training of our staff. It is very important to us that our employees understand and can apply the best practices in shawarma production. This is the only way we can ensure that every bite of our delicious shawarmas offers you an unforgettable taste experience. We stand for quality and continuously strive to develop and improve our quality assurance measures. At Basha Food, you can be sure that every shawarma you order is of the highest quality. Your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we work tirelessly to always offer our customers the best shawarmas. Rely on Basha Food to provide you with an exceptional culinary experience.

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